It's Tuesday and I Can't Wait... go to dinner and see Chicago on Friday night! Mum bought my sister and I tickets for our birthdays (2 weeks apart) and we are having dinner at the Meat & Wine Co in Darling Harbour first, before heading over to Star City to see Chicago afterwards!

This is picked up from Buttons by Lou Lou who posts "It's Tuesday and I Can't Wait..." every week. I can't get on to her site at the moment to add my deets, hopefully my computer will stop being shit in a little while and let me read all the blogs!


Bee said…
I can't find your email to email you, but I totally know the Pritchard's! There's only one high school in town (well there was back then), so we all went together, but Wendy was in the grade below me, however we were in band together for many years. Actually, Wendy's BFF's also blog, Danimezza and Dani at Live Life! Small world, small small world!
Bee said…
Oh, and enjoy your dinner and show!
Holy Crap! It certainly is a small world! I'll have to write Wendy a msg on facebook! We actually just saw Matilda on Sunday. She had a little baby boy, Kevin a few months ago adn this was his first trip to Sydney to meet the family. He is so cute!!!!
Oh, and you reminded me to pop my email address on here! Thanks!

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