It's a Small World After All....

I don't know about you but that song drives me crazy. It's one of those songs guaranteed to stay in your head for hours upon hearing it.

However, it really is true.

Today I had one of those 'small world' moments with Bethwyn over at Just Us, one of my favourite blogs to read.

I was reading her Blog This Challenge post, 15 facts about herself (click here to read Bethwyn's), and she mentioned that she grew up in the NT in the very same town that my husbands cousins grew up in!

Needless to say, she knows hubby's cousins, and other friends of theirs blog too! One of which I have been following!

Small World Indeed!

Another weird 'small world' incident happened the night hubby and I got engaged.

I called a few good friends to tell them the good news, and one friend, K, msged a few other friends to let them know. At the time my friend J got the msg she was on a double-date with her boyfriend and his best mate, and the best mate's new girl.
Anyway, J reads out the msg to her boyf, and the mates new girl says..

"Are you talking about such and such (insert full name here) and such and such (insert full name here)? "

And J says, yeah, how do you know them?".

Well, the mate's new girl was my cousin! You follow?

Small World!

My husband is one of those people that manages to see people he knows, or meet people who know his friends wherever he goes...getting a massage at Wisemans Ferry (massage therapist was dating his friend), walking down the street an hour from where we live..... even in Fiji on our honeymoon, on a tiny little 10-acre exclusive island resort, the Day Manager is an Aussie and just happens to come from our area and is good friends with someone hubby works with!

Everyone has a 'small world' story. I'd love to hear your small world stories too...pop it in the comments, or create a post and pop the link in the comments here when you're done.

Now, I need to get a new song in my head...


carly said…
naw i dont have one. yet. im thinking. deeep in thought now :)
Bee said…
I run into people from Katherine all the time here in Brisbane, and even a couple of times down in Adelaide! Once we randomly stopped at Hungry Jacks down there and the person who served me was a friend from high school!

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