Chicago and the Meat & Wine Co.

On Friday night I went to see the musical Chicago at Star City. Mum got my sister and I tickets for the show and took us to dinner at the Meat & Wine Co. in Darling Harbour beforehand.

Dinner was really, really nice. I had Kangaroo fillet with a potato gratin with sweet potato chips and a berry sauce. It was delicious!!! Definitely want to take hubby there, he would love the steaks!

I was really excited to see Chicago, as it's one of the musicals I haven't seen. I also didn't know who was in it, so that is always good to see.

Caroline O'Connor played Velma Kelly and Sharon Millerchip played Roxy Hart. Let me just say, Caroline O'Connor, she is amazing! She kinda conjures an Australian Liza Minelli. Fantastic voice, great dancer. Sharon Millerchip was also really, really good. She nailed Roxy Hart and was so funny. She really is a great actress. And singer. I loved her in Beauty and the Beast. However I would have to say that Sharon was the better dancer, but Caroline was hands-down the better singer.

Billy Flynn was played by Craig McLachlan. Yes, Craig McLachlan. Heeeeeeeeeeey Mona!
He wasn't bad. But he wasn't good. I don't mind him as a person, but he's not the best song & dance man I've ever seen. He's certainly no Rob Guest (who I saw in Phantom, and who was brilliant! R.I.P)

The only disapointment was Gina Riley not playing her role of the Matron (or whatever she was called). I was looking forward to seeing her, once I saw her picture on the poster outside, but when the Matron walked out it wasn't Gina Riley. No idea who the woman was that played the part and she was quite good. Still, Gina Riley would have been better.

All in all it was a wonderful show, the music, the costume, the simple set, all excellent.

And a great evening spent with two of the best women in the world!

Thanks Mum!

A great show, but still not my favourite. I'm yet to see something better than Phantom or Les Mis. My all -time favs!

Do you have a fav musical? Movie or Theatre?

My all-time fav movie musical (or any musical) is The Sound of Music. I also saw the stage show at Star City, with Lisa McCune as Maria and I was bitterly dissapointed. Lisa McCune is a great actress and she doesn't have a half-bad voice. But when you have grown up idolising Julie Andrews as Maria, no-one can beat that! Best movie musical performance of all time!

Well, I think so anyway!


Bee said…
Did you hear that Mary Poppins is coming to Australia? I am pretty excited about that. I doubt I will get to go, but I would love to see that!

My favourite would have to be Pirates of Penzance, with the original cast comprising of John English and Simon Gallagher. I was going to see that when they toured in 2001, but I don't remember why I wasn't able to go. That would have been fantastic!!
That is so exciting! I will def be seeing that, although I am wary of seeing anything that was famously done by Julie Andrews after seeing the Sound of Music. But I will still go!

I remeber seeing that Pirates of Penzance production with John English on tv. It was great!
Belinda said…
Sounds like you had a really good night! I can't decide what my favourite musical would be - I think one of them would have to be "Leader of the Pack". It was at Star City also and didn't have a particularly famous cast but it was really well done and I loved it. It helped to have front row seats as well!!!

Mary Poppins sounds awesome, I'll so be going to that!!

Oh, and you're very brave to eat's completely irrational as I eat other animals but thanks! Lol.
Gabrielle said…
I agree, Chicago is a lot of fun but Les Mis and Phantom are better. I really enjoyed Miss Saigon as well, maybe because I saw it in London?
Bill said…
Bethwyn, I have to point out that English and Gallaher were not in the orginal cast of Pirates of Penzance. Neither of them are anywhere near that old! ;)
I've never considered G&S to be "musical" anyway - more comic opera. And Denis Olsen was fantastic in anything he played in.

Les Miserables is another one that should rightly be called an opera since the entire show is performed in music. I think I would perhaps like it more if I hadn't played in the orchestra for my local theatre group's production of it last year. I was totally out of my depth. Now Little Shop of Horrors - that was fun. I could play that every night, no problem.
Ohhh, so many good shows!

Belinda: I was the same about kangaroo, swore I would never eat anything on our coat of arms...and now here I sit, having eaten both kangaroo AND emu! Love kangaroo, and the emu was good too!

Gab: Miss Siagon is another show I would love to see. A friend of mine saw it and said it was fabulous!

Bill: I too would get sick of Les Mis if I had to play it over and over too! Nothing like a little repetition to cure you of a liking for something! And Little Shop of Horrors IS fun, we did that at school. We also did Sweeny Todd, and I was pretty over it by the end. Wouldn't mind seeing the Johnny Depp movie though!

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