Wednesday's Wacky Book of the Week! - How to Paint Your Tractor

So I work for a book importer and distributor as the Special Sales Manager. The books we import are primarily non-fiction (except for some of the kids ranges)and mostly specialised. We have one of the largest ranges of specialty craft, military & auto books in the country. Special Sales basically means I am in charge of looking after any account that's not deemed to be a 'traditional bookshop', ie. their primary sales are not for books. I sell to craft shops, military enthusiasts, mechanics, sex shops, hardwares, you name it, I have an account for it.

Quite often we get a lot of books that you might call 'interesting' and they are always good for a laugh. So, I thought I would share some of them with you.

My first chioce is the above book How to Paint Your Tractor. With lots of informative stuff on choosing the right paint and primer as well as where and what sort of emblems to use. Now I am sure there are some serious farmers out there who take great pride in their tools of the trade, but I kinda think painting your tractor would be like painting your vaccuum cleaner! Why waste time making something purely functional look 'pretty'. I thought farmers already had too much work on their hands! But then again, boys and their toys!...LOL!


Bill said…
I can't wait to see this book used as the lyrics for "Substitute" on Spicks and Specks.
We talk about that all the time here at work! How we have so many good books fr them to use! Some of them are just mad!

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