A Wedding Day to Remember...

All I can say is, I'm glad my wedding day wasn't as eventful!

From the Boston Globe in the US...
A Connecticut newlywed is credited with helping save a family from a house fire while in her wedding gown.

Officials say Georgette Clemons had just left her wedding reception Sunday evening when she spotted smoke coming from a home in Bridgeport.

Clemons told The Associated Press she got out of the car she was riding in and ran to the home, then pounded on the door to warn the occupants.

Firefighters arrived and battled the blaze after members of the Eitelberg family were rescued. Meanwhile, Clemons folded her muddied wedding dress nearby.

Clemons says she messed up her shoes. But she says it's no big deal because the people inside the burning home are safe.

The most exciting thing that happened on my wedding day was the getting married part! Everything went off without a hitch. What about yours?


Jenn said…
Well it was extremely cold the day I married, like -34F...yes that's below 0! And it was icy too...so many people on their way to the wedding couldn't get there. Other than that...it was a lot of fun!


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