Senior Bowlers Strike Down Purse Thief

I just had to post's too funny...

In Hillsboro, Oregon, in the US, a 16 year old would-be purse theif was thwarted by a bunch of senior citizen bowlers. Highlights of the story include...

The purses weren't the easy pickings he apparently thought they'd be. They belonged to two ladies from V.I.P. Summer Trio, a senior league, said Lanes owner Dean Johnson.

The women, along with other bowlers from the senior league, blocked the 16-year-old's escape through an exit on the building's west side. When he ran toward the glass doors at the building's front, league members were in hot and loud pursuit.

Bet he wasn't expecting that. A witness says...
"One lady started screaming," said Nathan Krawitz, 44, who saw the whole thing.

The center's front door is sliding glass, and Johnson said that confused the thief long enough for his 22-year-old son to come at him from behind the counter and pin the parried purse-snatcher to the floor.

Several of the senior bowlers dog-piled the teen and held him until police arrived

How good is that! You can just imagine a bunch of old-women with their blue-rinses and old men with their pants hiked up high chasing down a skinny 16-yr old kid then piling on top of him!

Apparently the youth told police that to "steel his nerves" for the robbery he drank a beer and some Robitussin cough medecine.
"I can believe it," Rouches said. "His speech was slurred and he was drooling. I think he was drunk."

The final word went to one of the blokes in the V.I.P Summer Trio Leauge...
"The lesson is clear," he said. "Bowlers rule. Never fool with a bowler."

That's my new catch-phrase..."Bowler's Rule"

I hope I'm that feisty when I'm old. Kick-Arse!


Bee said…
That's awesome! I especially love the bit where they dog-piled on him! Can you imagine if a heap of grannies did stacks-on?! That would be truly an amazing sight to behold!

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