Monday Night Musing

Carbon Emissions Trading Schemes...

Talk about a Catch-22...You're damned if you do (in the eyes of Big Business), and you're damned if you don't!

I understand business being worried about rising costs to make themsleves compliant and all the fears of jobs being lost. I heard some bloke from a minerals company talking about how an ETS would mean the loss of some 500 jobs (maybe more, can't remember exact figure at this time of night!) on the NSW South Coast alone.

I get all this, I really do.

But there ain't much point in having a job if you don't have a viable planet to live on!!! If their homes are under 2 mtres of water due to melting ice-caps and rising sea-levels I don't think they'll be giving a stuff whether or not they have a job in a flooded mine!

Do you see what I mean?


Bill said…
The biggest problem (and I read this, but I can't remember where) is that our perception of danger is stuck in the primitive fight-or-flight era. That's why we perceive walking down a dark alley late at night as more dangerous than smoking a cigarette or eating a hamburger. It's more likely that the smokes or cholesterol will do us in, but because the danger isn't immediate, we don't see it as being so harmful.

The same applies to the environment. Unemployment is a more immediate danger than catastrophic climate shift, so that's what people worry about more - even though it's the latter that's a greater danger.

I think the article was in Slate. I'll post it if I ever find it.

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