It's Tuesday and I Can't Wait...

So, I've been noticing everyone doing this (It's Tuesday and I Can't Wait...) and I thought I'd join in. Thanks Lou!

So, it's Tuesday and I can't wait...

for the new Stephanie Plum novel Finger Lickin' Fifteen from Janet Evanovich! They nearly always have a pub date of my birthday (June 21) and this year the official pub date is the 23rd. I popped down to Target in my lunch break and they had their other big June new releases in but no Stephanie Plum! Am hoping they will get it in a few days early and I can treat myself to an early birthday pressie!


Lou said…
Thanks for playing along on Tuesdays. When I worked in a bookshop we used to love when the new ones would come in. I haven't read any for a while I should get back to them. Very funny!
They are great for a care-free and funny read! Some people say by 15 they are starting to be a bit the same...but I don't care, I love Stephanie (and Morelli, and Ranger!)
I so love these books- i am up to 10 big ones and they are so much fun! I cant decide if i love Ranger or Morelli the most- it always changes!

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