It's the Little Things

Blog This: Challenge 3:

Photographic Challenge - "It's the little things".

Simple, everyday things which make your life a pleasure.
Limit of 10 minimum. You don't have to be a fabulous photographer, just have fun.
No words required, let your photos tell the story...


carly said…
i too love to blog/internet/laptop && love books too! great piccys. il have mine up tomorrow [been a busy weekend]
Sweet, thanks! Looking forward to seeing your's. yes I do love my laptop, one of the best investments I've ever made!
nellbe said…
Gorgeous photos :)
Bee said…
Guinea pigs!! My mother-in-law has a ton and just lets them roam around their yard (they live on a property in the middle of bush qld). So cute!
I wasn't really a fan of Guinea Pigs until my hubby said he wanted a couple. Now I love them. Their names are Hurricane (brown & white) and Skeleton(all brown), they are so cute and funny and they get all excited and squeak every time the fridge is opened coz they think they will get food. We keep them inside mostly coz it gets pretty hot/cold depending on the season and they get sick, but they love their time in the grass every few days when we clean their cage and they love to watch tv with me!
Amy said…
aww I love guinea pigs - what sweeties!
I should also add that the sunset photo was taken in Fiji last August on our honeymoon, from the deck of our villa at Royal Davui, the most amazinginly beautiful place in the world! If you have the money (and it's not cheap, this was a once-in-a-lifetime trip!) you should definitly go. It was the best holiday ever! I might even post a few other good pics.

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