I'm baaaack! with 8 Things

So, we went WAY over our download limit this month...usually we are pretty good and check it to make sure we aren't going over. This problem of going over occurs when the Husband repeatedly presses the 'reset' button on the counter rather than the 'close' button and doesn't bother to tell me! Which results in me thinking we have 500MB of data usage left when in essence we are 500MB over! Grrr!!! As a result of this i have had to lock up the laptop for the last week so neither of us could use it!

But I am back now, and thought I would post my 8 Things. Saw this at Carly's blog and thought i would tag myself! So here tis...

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
1. My sister's wedding in October...I'm a bridesmaid and so excited! It's my first time!
2. Going home, over work for a Monday
3. Watching Criminal Minds
4. The new Harry Potter movie to come out. I am dying from anticipation!
5. Seeing my sister when she comes up next week
6. Going to see Chicago with my mum & sister and having dinner at the Meat & Wine Co.
7. Retirement!....LOL!

8 Things I wish I could do:
1. Sing for a living but not have to be famous...maybe a session singer
2. Warm my feet
3. Speak another language
4. Be bothered with fashion - so DON'T care!
5. Loose weight without having to exercise or give up the foods I love
6. Go on another honeymoon!
7. Do nothing but read
8. Go roller-skating, I used to love roller-skating as a kid

8 Things I love:
1. My hubby
2. Anything Harry Potter
3. My laptop
4. my family (most of the time!)
5. sleeping
6. books!
7. weekends with nothing on
8. lightning

8 Things I did Yesterday:
1. Left a party at 12:30am
2. Stayed up to 2:30am chatting with my sister, then went to bed
3. Got up at 5am to pick up hubby and sisters fiancee from said party
4. Ate bacon & egg rolls..mmmmmm!
5. napped on the lounge
6. watched the footy
7. had a shower
8. watched MasterChef

8 Shows I watch:
1. Criminal Minds
2. Lost
3. MasterChef
4. How I Met Your Mother
5. Brothers & Sisters
6. Seinfeld (have series boxed set)
7. Stargate (have series boxed set)
8. Alias (once again, have series boxed set...we own more TV on dvd than we do movies on dvd!)

8 People I tag:
Anyone who reads my blog and hasn't done this already!


carly said…
lovely! we went over a downloads too :(

have fun being a bridesmaid for the first time! iv never been one either :) im sure there is plenty of time though hehe
How annoying is going over the download limit!

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