If I could invent anything....

I don't know about you but I find it very hard to get my husband motivated to do any sort of 'house-work'. We made an agreement when we started living together that I would be responsible for keeping the inside clean and tidy and he would be resposnible for keeping the outside neat and tidy. 18 months on and I have done everything from nag to threaten to call VIP to get him to mow the grass (why can't I you ask...because I clean the toilet and everything else that's inside!)

So, to that end, I would invent an automatic lawn-mower, you know, like those automcatic vacuumm cleaners, except this one you chuck in the backyard and it mows the lawn for you. That way I can stop nagging the hubby about the fact that the grass is taller than me. And then with all the time I save by not nagging I can invent my husbands ideal invention...an automatic beef-jerky maker. Like an industrial toaster, except you put a steak in one side and out pops the beef jerky on the other.

The other thing I would love to invent is something to hold Christmas lights on to a window that doesn't leave marks and inevitably fall down every 2 days! I love christmas lights and I have quite a few, however trying to come up with a way of making them stick to the window without using an entire roll of sticky-tape is proving impossible! And those suction cap thingy's...a waste of time!

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Bee said…
Ooh, we could totally use an automatic mower! My fiance is like your hubby, which is why my garden is severely overgrown!
nellbe said…
Auto mower is a great idea!

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