30 By 30

Ok, I have been reading other people's lists of what they want to achieve or get done by a certain age and I thought seeing as I just turned 27 i would make a list of 30 things I want to get done or achieve by 30. They range from simple things like learning how to sew through to going overseas to Fiji, but all of them I really want to do, and I am hoping this will be a nice way to motivate myself, as I love making lists, and I love crossing things off lists even more! So, in case I loose the written one, this will be my record!

1. Buy & Learn how to use a sewing machine
2. Fix our home loan (this I want to do in the next few weeks)
3. Get a new kitchen
4. Get a new bathroom
5. Get the roof insulated
6. Landscape the backyard and turn it into a proper outdoor entertaining area
7. Make myself a skirt and wear it out!
8. Knit a pair of socks
9. Finish my knitted patchwork blanket
10. Climb the Harbour Bridge
11. Go to the Northern Territory
12. Get a new car
13. Dye my hair black
14. Archive all my photos on a portable hard-drive Update: in the process of scanning in all film photos to archive
15. Go deep-sea fishing
16. Play paint-ball
17. Make $1.5 million in sales in one FY at work
18. Get a new DSLR
19. Get more lenses for my DSLR
20. Read 200 books Update: have currently read over 35 books, so doing well
21. See Coldplay live
22. Write a short story
23. Pay off the credit card Update: Have now split credit card and doing Very good job paying one of them off
24. Swap over and re-arrange the spare bedrooms
25. Un-pack every last box in the house
26. Got to Tasmania
27. Go Overseas*
28. Organise and maintain a proper filing system where filing is done more than once a year at tax time!
29. Re-paint the house and fill it with colour
30. Get pregnant

Update #1 - 29/09/09

*Update #2 - 19/01/10 - You may or may not have noticed, I have actually changed #27 from Go to Fiji to Go Overseas. Due to some developments, overseas is going to be achievable which makes going back to Fiji unachievable.


carly said…
i saw coldplay at sound relief! chris martin was awesome when he ran into the crowd!

awesome list! good luck xx
I was listening to it on the radio and I so wanted to be there! I even had free tix that my Dad got but I couldn't use them as I already had something on that I couldn't get out of! I was so annoyed!
Alycia said…
I reckon that seems a rather reasonable list!!
Bee said…
I need to do one of these lists too, but it would just depress me when I got to 30 and hadn't managed to do anything off my list!

Our filing is the same. Drives me nuts any time we have to find something.
Jessica O'Neill said…
That is a hefty list - better get the hairdying out of the way before pregnancy rears its head! (And trust me - black hair dye is addictive. I ude "darkest brown" so it is easier to get out if I ever have a hormonal breakdown and need to...)
Katie-Ellen said…
I like numbers 10, 11, 13, 20, 26 and I definitely love number 30!!! u and dave should get on with that lol
I dont know if coldplay is going to come bak to australia netime soon. Justine went to see them in concert this yr n they said that they aren't coming bak to asutraila for a while.

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