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Friday, 29 May 2009

Top 10 People Who Just Won't Go Away

If you can't be bothered going to the page, here's the 10:
10. Dick Cheney
9. People Who Were once on Survivor
8. Rick Astley
7. Bill Clinton
6. David Hasselhoff
5. Paris Hilton
4. Gene Simmons
3. Sarah Palin and her family
2. Octomum
1. Joe the Plumber

Do you agree? Who would you add to the list? Who do you think should be number 1?

I have to toally agree with a few of them, especially Paris Hilton...that girl is a waste of space! And Sarah Palin...could she be any more ignorant? And I think there are a few ommisions... Perez Hilton (I do read his page but am ashamed of it!), Miley Cyrus, anyone from The Hills/Laguna Beach.

From an Aussie point of view, these would be my additions...
chk chk boom Girl
Mel & Kochie
Lara Bingle
Rove..sorry but he's just not funny anymore
Kyle Sandilands


  1. I come via blog this lol

    I agree Rove and Kyle have to go and Dicko from Australian Idol....times up mate.

  2. Agree with Rove... Even not watching commercial tv much these days, he's still 'there'... Mel and Kochie, absolutely... though don't see them off channel 7 so all is good thankfully!!!

    Chk Chk Boom Girl - but she's great!


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