Christians battle each other over evolution - opinion - 28 May 2009 - New Scientist

Christians battle each other over evolution - opinion - 28 May 2009 - New Scientist

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Having grown up in a Christian home this is a subject that I always find interesting. While I don't attend church anymore and I have a problem with a lot of these so-called 'churches', I still have my own set of beliefs when it comes to God and Jesus Christ.

Evolution vs Creation is one of those things I really don't think we're ever truly going to know the answer too until we're dead, and even then maybe not.

My personal feeling is this:
The arguments for evolution are long and varied and mostly scientifically sound. The arguments for Creation are based on a thousands-year old account from a book that many people believe is a bunch of fairy tales. Genesis tells us that God created the world in 6 days. What Genesis doesn't tell us is how long those days were.

I don't really know a lot about space/time theory and the theory of relativity and all of that kind of 'science-fiction'stuff (except for what I've seen on Stargate) but I'm sure that if any of that's possible, then isn't it possible that those 6 days weren't 24-hours long? Maybe each of those days was the equivalent to what we call a year, a century, or a millenium.

If that's a posibility then it stands to reason that God could have created the Universe over a number of millenia, maybe through a process of trial & error or whatever, there's no way to really know.

I don't know the answer, and I don't think I'll ever know, and in the end...does it really matter? We shouldn't be arguing about where we came from or how we got here, we should be focusing on what we have now and we're we are going in the future. Evolution or Creation, it doesn't change the fact that we're here now and we have to make the most of our lives and the planet we have.


Bill said…
The original text of the Bible does not refer to "days," - it uses a word that refers to an indeterminate period of time.

I see no contradiction between creation and evolution. The Bible was written for its time. Evolution doesn't deny creation, it just tells us more about how it happened. And it's even more amazing than anyone knew.

Nice place you have here. I look forward to following.

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